The self-organized collaboration model 

In this agile organizational form, employees act in roles. Each role has a clearly defined scope of tasks and accountabilities, which the person fulfils on his or her own responsibility. This decentralizes the decisionmaking process and ensures greater employee participation. A constitution provides structure for the rules of cooperation, which is transparently accessible and binding for everyone. 

Self-organized teams act to fulfill the overarching shared purpose. This common reference point for all rolesclarifies identity and promotes cooperation. The shared purpose focuses on the ‘why’ and orients the daily business.

Every employee could be described as sensor of its organization“. When a role recognizes a discrepancy between reality and perceived potential for improvement, ‘tension’ arises. These tensions can be discussed in a circle meeting and solved through a proposal. The premise that all participants assume that perceived tensions are something positive, keeping in mind that solved tensions facilitate and promote the cooperation within the organizationFurthermore, this means that solved tensions serve to fulfil the overarching shared purpose and thus contribute to continuous improvement. 

Based on the holacracy model, a so-called constitution can be implemented. This constitution describes the rules of cooperation in self-organization and thus makes them transparent and accessible to all. It is a binding framework for all members of the organization and contains the basic principles of the common culture and individual values as well as elementary and relevant processes of cooperation, roles, meetings and election procedures. 

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