We believe in people’s potential.


Why we do what we love.

In an ever faster changing world, people, business and science will have to outgrow themselves. It is a high art to face changeability not with fear but with excitement and curiosity.

This affects individuals as well as organizations as a whole. We promote the potential of our customers and challenge their change intelligence. So that people in organizations can react freely to their changing environment.

We believe that resilient, developed, culturally strong companies will survive in the future and make a contribution to society and the economy.

EFS Consulting has many years of consulting experience in different industries and areas. In working with our clients, we have recognized the challenges they face: people want to see the purpose of their contribution and measure it against the purpose of the organization. Organizations need to be designed as learning environments in order to enable progress, innovation and enthusiasm. From our own interdisciplinary approach coupled with openness, we have taken our own developmental step – from which Framechangers™ emerged.

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How we work.

With the Framechangers™ approach, we focus on people. In our work, we look at people in organizations in the context of what they do.

We regard our customers as so-called “Framechangers”. Together we create a framework of trust. Within this framework, change can and may happen. The framework always remains permeable, but at the same time sets limits and provides stability. We act out of the conviction that something new can emerge on the basis of successful relationships, dialog and joint creativity. It’s not about our customers becoming Framechangers, it’s about showing them that they already are.

We love people.

Our way of working is procedural and solution-oriented. In an initial dialog, we clarify the intentions. We define the path to the target condition together with our clients and make use of a variety of methods of conflict management, resilience and happiness research, transactional analysis, behavioral therapy, humanistic psychology, learning psychology and wisdom traditions.

We regularly conduct dialogs together, challenge our customers in team workshops and reflect together on the reasons for success and learning processes.

Our customers, the people involved, have to go through the process themselves. We see ourselves as companions in development. Responsibility for the result rests with the customer. Just like the success.

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Who we work with.

As Framechangers™, we usually work together with upper or middle management. Our goal is to give managers the power to be inspiring multipliers of new values, ideas, innovations, cultural stories – this happens, for example, in the course of organizational and management development, potential development or team-building processes.

We believe that people want to evolve into the best version of themselves.

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What we do. - The contribution we make.

We make change natural. We work on successful relationships, so that people within an organization can grow and develop. Mature, change-intelligent, courageous employees and managers make the organization strong for the future.

We reveal patterns, show the actual condition, reflect dysfunctions of leadership or teams, and create rituals in which discovered potentials can be used. That isn’t always pleasant.

But at the end of a common process, there are more opportunities for people and organizations – in action, thinking, the human image, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving skills, and in patterns.

We make change natural. But: it’s not always nice to meet us.

Stefanie Fieber-Grandits

Senior Expert

EFS Unternehmensberatung GesmbH
A-1030 Wien / Ungargasse 59/61
M. +43 676 439 2069
sfieber-grandits@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

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