EFS Consulting and RIDDLE&CODE introduce Drive&Stake, a decentralized solution enabling all players of a mobility ecosystem to connect, share and benefit from vehicle-generated data and create automated mobility data marketplaces.

We are on the verge of a new era of connected mobility, intelligent transportation systems and autonomous vehicles, where countless IoT devices constantly interact. Modern cars have become mobile hubs of data, generating and processing vast amounts of information. Equipped with more than 100 sensors, a modern connected car tracks information on location, performance, physical parameters, driving behavior and much more, often several times per second, creating up to 25 gigabytes of data per hour.

Today, the infrastructure underpinning and supporting these connected systems is centralized and limited in interacting with third-party frameworks, which leaves vehicle-generated data untapped and locked in isolated silos. The potential use cases of this data are immense, but to achieve its full potential, mobility services of the future require different approaches and technologies. Foremost, they require trust.

Curiosity for novel technologies is in the very DNA of EFS Consulting. We are delighted to channel this curiosity together with our technology partner RIDDLE&CODE. Drive&Stake is a project that reinvents the connected vehicle experience, and we are proud to be part of it. Together with RIDDLE&CODE and other industry-leading partners, we are creating new decentralized business models and services on the basis of tokenized mobility data.

Christian Schaupp, Managing Director EFS Consulting

Together with our technology partner RIDDLE&CODE, Europe’s leading Blockchain interface company, we have developed a solution that enables drivers, automotive manufacturers and mobility related service providers to connect, exchange and benefit from vehicle-generated data – without the need to share personal information or industrial secrets. Drive&Stake is a decentralised, scalable and end-to-end solution for the creation of automated mobility data marketplaces, while promoting industry-wide data exchange and enabling all mobility players to obtain extensive insights through real-time data analytics.

RIDDLE&CODE’s technology stack accesses vehicle generated data without revealing any sensitive data, retrieves and signs the extracted data on the blockchain, provides proof of provenance and integrity and eventually encrypts and tokenizes this information on data marketplaces.

RIDDLE&CODE has built Confidential PID that enables the secure extraction of vehicle-generated data and controls how this data will be accessed and utilised. This novel approach comes as a result of our extensive development efforts for other industries like fintech and energy, where RIDDLE&CODE successfully implements various encryption and trusted computing technologies.

Thomas Fuerstner, Founder and CTO of RIDDLE&CODE

EFS Consulting guides automotive manufacturers and mobility service providers to dynamically launch innovative, data-critical use cases, seize full potential of their vehicle data and profit from monetization possibilities on real-time data marketplaces. The variety of use cases within a mobility ecosystem is boundless, ranging from enhanced pay-as-you-drive/pay-how-you-drive services, networked parking for car sharing in city center areas, incentivization models for traffic and mobility management or holistic EV battery data management.

ELOOP, a Vienna-based car sharing start-up with a focus on urban and sustainable mobility solutions, is collaborating with EFS Consulting and RIDDLE&CODE on testing different use cases related to connected electric vehicles, charging solution management and mobility data monetization.

Ocean is an open-source protocol allowing businesses and individuals to exchange and monetize data and data-based services. Leveraging Ocean’s Compute-to-Data environment, Drive&Stake overcomes the trade-off between the benefit of using private data and the risk of exposure.

For more information on selected use cases, please head in the section below. To take a deep dive into the technology, visit our partner RIDDLE&CODE and get in touch with us to find applications that enhance your business model.

Use Cases

  • Flexible solutions for usage of EV charging infrastructure
  • Optimized routes by integrated user data management
  • Enhanced grid load management and energy storage solutions
  • Prevention of charging bottlenecks, seamless customer flows
  • Accelerated transformation to more sustainable mobility solutions
  • Mitigation of inner-city emission levels and traffic congestion
  • Precise evaluation of battery health over life cycle
  • Accurate calculation of residual battery value
  • Dynamic and accurate pricing models for EV leasing
  • Integration of new battery services e.g. 2nd life battery management
  • Usage of charging statistics to track and increase battery health
  • Trusted CO2 certificate transfer management
  • Efficient remuneration for green mobility usage
  • Social and environmental brand sustainability
  • Certificate Life Cycle Traceability
  • Refund integration for EV and green energy usage
  • Proactive management of dynamic and complex incentivization models
  • Transparent tracking and communication of traffic patterns
  • Minimization of traffic congestion through incentivizing commuting slots
  • Reward for usage of alternative, sustainable means of transport
  • Attractive vehicle sales offers based on user profile & external factors
  • Minimization of total cost of vehicle ownership
  • Application of vehicle to grid technologies
  • High quality mobility data from provenance proven origin
  • Monetization of mobility data through automated data markets
  • New revenue models by interacting with third party businesses
  • Collection and pre-configured sharing of vehicle-generated data
  • Dynamic deployment of new customer services
  • Token management for sharing and staking data
  • Reduction of mobility related CO2 emissions and inner-city traffic congestion
  • Participation in green driving ecosystem, reduction of personal CO2 footprint
  • Improvement of brand reputation for incentivizing green driving
  • Attraction of eco-conscious customers
  • Evaluation of governmental subsidies for CO2 emission optimization
  • New saving opportunities from reward systems, discounts and special offers
  • Up-to-the-minute parking availability, pricing, special offers and other features
  • Management of inner-city mobility patterns and parking spots
  • Optimization of fleet logistics and parking management
  • Reduction of administrative burden through decentralized data management
  • Automatized, interoperable billing and paying processes
  • Launch of new data-driven-tailored products and services
  • Minimization of expense for insurance, based on sharing of driving data, vehicle data, personal data
  • Reduction of events and cost of damage through behavioral incentivization
  • Leverage through novel insurance offers
  • Dynamic management of client portfolio, e.g. loyalty programs, cross-insurance optimization
  • Dynamic sale of best insurance contract option on-the-go


Jochen Schreiber

  • Digital Product and Production
  • Trends, Strategy and Planning
  • Organizational Transformation

M.: +43 676 439 2012
JSchreiber@efs.at  |  www.efs.consulting 

Roman Benedetto

  • Smart Mobility Concepts & Data Analytics
  • Strategy-, Process- and Productdefinition
  • Trend- & Marketanalysis

M. +43 676 439 2054
rbenedetto@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

Sebastian Steinmayr

Project Manager
  • Technical Development
  • Blockchain and DLT
  • Smart Mobility

M. +43 676 699 5380
ssteinmayr@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

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