EFS Consulting

Building an effective methodology, developing an IT sourcing strategy, and managing the tendering process.



  • Establishing an efficient and individually tailored tendering process
  • Setting up an IT sourcing toolbox (templates & tools) for transparent steering of procurement projects
  • Developing a modular set of documents (RfI, RfP, RfQ) for flexible use in various tendering requirements
  • Designing the tender strategy at the beginning of the purchasing project to achieve technical and business objectives


  • Conducting a comprehensive requirement analysis to capture all services relevant to the tender
  • Preparation of tender documents considering all contract-relevant topics (IT security, legal, etc…)
  • Steering of the technical offer evaluation and conducting the bidder workshops
  • Preparation of the technical award recommendation
  • Agile project management to ensure the objectives are reached
  • Interface Management as the central hub for all project participants