Automotive interior market – trends and outlook 2025

While the global vehicle sales market is projected to increase annually by over 2.5% between 2019 and 2025 from slightly below 100 million vehicles per year to approximately 115 million vehicles per year, the global automotive interior market will grow with almost twice the pace at 5,03%. This development is foremost driven by increased vehicle production, adoption of complex interior features and material innovations, strong demand for comfort and luxury as well as novel infotainment, HMI and interior lightning systems.

However, the automotive interior market will not only substantially grow, but more importantly vehicle interior will evolve to be among the top buying criteria for customers by 2025, as interior is already one key distinguishing factor between standard and premium cars.

EFS Consulting conducted an automotive interior market study to analyse the roots and causes of these developments and identified the key drivers for the dynamic market changes to derive challenges and opportunities for the involved industry players.

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